Rob Blackburn at MMEC

Rob Blackburn

Cruise Division Agent

Rob has spent his entire life living and breathing music. He studied and completed piano and musical theory programs with the Royal Conservatory of Music before he was 16 years old and received his Diploma of Music at Toronto’s Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology in June 1994. A multi-instrumentalist (including piano, guitar, vocals and trombone, to name just a few), Rob toured extensively in Canada and the US performing in numerous bands and groups and has many studio and writing credits to his name. Spending 5 years at sea (on various cruise lines) as leader of The Stingrays. Rob has fulfilled numerous contracts on board 9 different ships, including a few inaugural takeouts. He has been with Mike Moloney Entertainment LLC since 2005, and in his spare time continues to perform and record in Vancouver.