Entertainers at heart, experts by profession.

At MMEC, we bring together people of immense talent and experience under one roof to provide best in class entertainment solutions. For over three decades, we have helped cruise ships and resorts maximize their entertainment impact and value. 

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Our Leadership – Meet a team of results-driven specialists


Mike Moloney

A musician at heart, Mike has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years and at the risk of sounding cliché, seen and done it all. He brings with him immense knowledge and expertise about the entertainment industry and is definitely someone you want on your side when trying to solve a problem.

Managing Partner

Nitin Mehta

With over a decade of experience sitting in the boardrooms of one of the top leisure travel groups in the world, Nitin brings with him tremendous experience of the hotel and cruise industry and how entertainment fits into the broader customer and commercial considerations.

Managing Partner

Matt Cosgrove

With over 20+ years of entertainment experience under his belt, including multiple management roles onboard cruise lines, Matt takes the lead on all technology projects at MMEC. Him and his team of specialists ensure that all technical aspects of onboard entertainment are executed flawlessly.


Jan Davis Moloney

A head for puzzles helps Jan tie all parts of MMEC together. Being part of the team since the company’s inception, she understands the business better than most, takes great care in keeping the wheels moving, and ensures that all MMEC stakeholders have a great experience.

Entertainment Specialist

Nikki Di Giorgio

An artist through and through, Nikki spent years touring internationally as a performer and choreographer. She has a great understanding of venue needs and customer demographics and pulls on her experience as a performer to connect the right artist with the right venue.

Entertainment Specialist

Rob Blackburn

Music has been Rob’s lifelong passion. A multi-instrumentalist himself, he has toured extensively, spent a number of years on cruise lines as an artist and a manager, and now utilizes his experience and knowledge of the industry to ensure we continue to exceed expectations of the cruise lines we work with.

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